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Silent Installation /Unattended Script ??


Silent Installation /Unattended Script ??

can you explain me what is Silent Installation and Unattended Script?
Can you suggest me a tutorial/article or else about it?
Thank you

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Re: Silent Installation /Unattended Script ??

A "silent installation" means an installation procedure that requires no interaction with the user once it's started. Any configuration information that the installation procedure requires is provided in advance, typically using some command line options or a configuration file.

This is useful if you're going to automate the installation of some software - or even the entire operating system.

There is no generic way to do a silent installation: some operating systems and application installation packages may provide an installer-specific way to perform a silent installation, some may not.

I seem to recall that "Unattended script" is Windows terminology for silent installations: for RedHat Enterprise Linux, the equivalent technology is called a "Kickstart installation": see the RedHat documentation if you need more information about it. Other Linux distributions may have other methods.

(If you want to know about silent installations in Windows, please post your question to a Windows group.)

If you need to find out how some software can be installed in silent mode (or *if* such a thing is possible), you'll generally need to read the "advanced" documentation for that specific software.

For example with RedHat Enterprise Linux, look into "Administration Guide" and "Reference Guide" instead of "Quick Installation Guide".


Re: Silent Installation /Unattended Script ??

Thanks a lot