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Slow system response

Trent Ware
Occasional Contributor

Slow system response


We have on site two DS25s and when connected to and a large file copy operation in progress, response at the command line is very slow. One has a SmartArray controller connected to it whilst the other only has internal disks.
Has anyone else experienced a similar problem?

Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Slow system response

seems to be I/O related. If the os is installed out of the box tune it (have a look into the tuning guide).

Or open a call within the support center and request tuning assistence.
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Frequent Advisor

Re: Slow system response

Hi Trent,

if the problem is only on process of read/write on a disk, i think like Ralf, that could be a I/O problem.

You can check this with the comand:

#iostat 5 5 (interval - count)
and you can specify what device you want to ckeck too, in order to know if it's a problem with a specific device.

# iostat dsk12 dsk4 (example..)

have you checked the /var/adm/messages for an error or warning message?

Mark Poeschl_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Slow system response

Is your file copy completing in a reasonable amount of time? I wouldn't expect a single copy operation to stress a DS25 unless you had serious H/W issues. On the other hand, your question implies that the copy is going between servers and presumably over a network. What does

# netstat -I -i 2

look like while the copy is going on? You could be having interface speed/duplex/autonegotiation issues...