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Snapshots from NetApp not visible to HP UNIX host

Wallace C. Chappell
Occasional Contributor

Snapshots from NetApp not visible to HP UNIX host

We are currently runing HPUX 11i v2.3 and we have a script that runs nightly and removes and recreates snapshots from a NetApp SAN that reuses the same device file (ex. /dev/dsk/c14t2d4) via vgimport that allows us to mount the snapshot on the UNIX host.

We upgraded to HPUX 11i v3.1 using the agile addressing ans now the snap shots show up as NO_HW. It appears that the wwid changes everytime we remove and recreate the snapshots. The snpshots can only be claimed by running the scimgr -f replace_wwid -D cmmand on the device.

Is anyone else had this experience with NetApp when they upgraded to HPUX 11i v3.1? Is there a way to reuse the same wwid so this can be scripted?


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