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Patrick Cheung
Occasional Contributor


I have a HP LaserJet 4 printer shared on a network with a lot of workstations. If a user is trying to print documents when the printer is offline, a message pop up and ask if the user would like to send the documents to spooler. The case is that some inexperienced users do not know what the message means. They send jobs to spooler repeatedly as they see the printer does not print anything. As a result, the spooler is full of jobs and they are ALL printed out when the printer is online.

It is troublesome to kill jobs at printing server manually everyday. So what I want is that users must use the direct printing method instead of using the spooler. How can I disable the pop up message or preventing users from sending jobs to the spooler?


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Tommy Palo
Trusted Contributor

Re: Spooler

How is the printer shared ?
If you re you using jetadmin on the print server just set JobMonitor to off.
Also using "cancel -e QUEUE_NAME" makes it easy to remove all print jobs.
Keep it simple
Denver Osborn
Honored Contributor

Re: Spooler

If the printer becomes disabled or goes offline and you don't want to allow the user's to send requests to it use the reject command.

# reject printer_name

When it is back online and you wish to allow users to submit requests use accept.

# accept printer_name