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Stale NFS file handle

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Stale NFS file handle

hey Guys,

i have been getting the "bdf: /XXXX: Stale NFS file handle" i have tried umount -f and remount, it doesnt work, i have checked the fstab entries, its fine and reexportted the file and tried, it doesnt work, i have stop / started the NFS client service, it doesnt work, all the above error pops me a I/O error.

please help!!!


Re: Stale NFS file handle

You need to get that NFS server up. Remounting isn't going to work until then.
Ismail Azad
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Re: Stale NFS file handle

Hi avemansh,

A stale file handle typically occurs as NFS is a stateless operation contradictory to the stateful operations on local file systems. Now, that means, the NFS subsystem can have a user modifying a file and at the same time another person removing it!. Are you sure the file system you are exporing is still there, because the example i gave above is a typical example for a stale file handle. Hope the info helps. Since, your new to ITRC, there is a points system. Do assign the appropriate points.

Ismail Azad
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Re: Stale NFS file handle

"Stale NFS file handle" error comes only if the client server is not able to access data from NFS server. Please check if the NFS server is up. if yes, please check if its exported correctly. if yes, please check the read/write permissions of the exported FS.

Pankaj Roy
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Re: Stale NFS file handle

This mainly happens because of inconsistent VG minor no.s fot shared VGs in Cluster

Export and Import VGs in all the cluster nodes with same minor no.s for all VGs, It will solve your problem..

This is tested in our environment..