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Strange file formats

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Strange file formats

Hello Admins,

Could you please help me with installing software on hp-ux...

I have received a software to be installed in *.zip file. After unzipping it I see 7 new files in following formats: *.rpm, *.depot, *.pkg, *.bff. Are all of these HP-UX format or some of them are for different platforms? Should I install all of them? Do I need to register a local depot on server and than just run swinstall command on each of them?

Thank you in advance for your help :)
Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Strange file formats

File formats:

depot - HP-UX -- This is what you should install.
rpm - Linux (Redhat and SuSE, possibly others)
pkg - Sun Solaris, I think. Possibly Apple OS/X according to a google hit.
bff - AIX (Backup File Format)

For your depot file, you can just run swinstall against the file.

Was there not a "readme" or some similar file? It is common courtesy to include installation instructions.