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Re: SuSe OS upgrade

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SuSe OS upgrade

Dear All,

I have a suse linux with (uname -r
2.4.21-138-smp) the mentioned kernel version. I need to upgrade the same to suse 10 or above with SP3. Can anyone help me with the steps to upgrade the OS to the latest kernel version.
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Re: SuSe OS upgrade

See your other thread for my response. However, I will warn you now that going from a 2.4 kernel to a 2.6 kernel will not be clean or easy. You may be better served with wiping and doing a fresh install of SLES11.x .
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Re: SuSe OS upgrade

Thanks Alan for your response.

Now I will download Open SUSE 11.3 and install on a VM, then will try to migrate the existing setup configurations to VM. The existing setup is being used as FTP server. Do we need to only install vsftp packages and copy the files in the /etc/vsftpd.conf will work ?

How do we check the existing setup is in a clustered setup ?

How are we normally migrate the OS (in this case , I am installing a higher version on a different box and then trying to migrate). I am new to SUSE but I have knowledge in RHEL.

Could you please help me to understand and make things done. Thanks in advance.

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Re: SuSe OS upgrade

openSUSE 11.4 is just around the corner (8 days to go). I think openSUSE releases are supported for 18 months from the date of release. However, the version you install depends on your choice.

You need to install vsftp service. Using the same configuration file should work fine as well. In any case, you are doing a good thing by first trying it out in a VM.
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Re: SuSe OS upgrade

How I would do this:

1) backup your VM (twice)
2) download the OS ISO of your choice and burn it to a DVD
3) mount the DVD to you VM and let the autoplay work its magic.
4) select the "upgrade" option. NOTE: upgrade is NOT SUPPORTED by SuSE or anybody else in the Linux community -- use at your own risk (that's why I said to backup everything twice). However, I've had reasonably good luck doing it if all the dependencies aren't too onerous.