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Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.

Prasanth V Aravind
Trusted Contributor

Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.

We have a two node active passive suse heart beat cluster. Storage using is SUN6140 with os level lun mirroring. Applications are oracle with sap.

I need a DR solution for this setup.

Can i able to add one more node in existing cluster in the DR site ??

how we oslevel mirroring works in DR setup

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.

There are different configurations for a DR solution.

You can have a "spare" system on the DR site replicating only the "data". In this case, the OS level mirroring is not a problem as you already have one up and running.

What you do have to find is a solution to replicate the data between the sites.

Can you provide more information about your infrastructure, like storage systems, link to the remote site, etc.
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Re: Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.

Something for you to think about -- what will you do if the Sun6140 is the component that dies?
Matt Palmer_2
Respected Contributor

Re: Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.


if you are using the SLES-HAE there are predefined resources classes where you can use things like DRDB or OSFS2 cloned disksets to replicate to another node. - Allowing you a moderated active/active configurations as well which you can tailor for use with your app.

I notice that you are using oracle. Its worth talking with oracle/novell about SLES-High Availability Extension, as its got a load of Oracle specific utilities for you to use in it.

Hope that helps, please assign points if you found this useful.


Dominic Juma
Occasional Visitor

Re: Suse cluster for - Disaster recovery.

The other option is to do host-based replication. Q - what software solution can be used to do this host-based replication via IP link 10Mbps?