Swapinfo VS Memdetail

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Don Morris_1
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Re: Swapinfo VS Memdetail

And again, from the man page (which you really should read if you haven't):


Paging space on reserve. This is the amount of paging space that could be needed by processes that are currently running, but that has not yet been allocated from one of the above paging areas. See "Paging Allocation" below.

In other words -- the "reserve" line is how much of the swap from the device (or devices, or File System -- but here, just your single device) has been considered claimed for future swap needs if the time comes.

"Used" means that it really is in use -- there's actual data on the swap device, and there are processes which have claims to specific swap blocks.

Hence, memdetail sums up things to reflect how much device swap is used or reserved in order to give the best idea of how much is free to be claimed by new memory allocations.
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Re: Swapinfo VS Memdetail

- Thanks for the info guys! now i know!:)
Dennis Handly
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Re: Swapinfo VS Memdetail

If you are happy with the info you have gotten, please read the following about assigning points: