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Swapping out Root Disk

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Kennedy G. Doss
Regular Advisor

Swapping out Root Disk



I have a unique situation. I have a BL465 Server that can accomodate only 2 X Internal Disks. Our OS and Apps are in these Internal Disks which are mirrored and the mirrored capacity only 100 GB.( The RAID level is not  implemented in the Operating System Layer - it is done by Smart array) . We are expected to upgrade them to 2 X 600GB by swapping the 100 GB Drives with 600GB.  I have used mondo in the past for bare metal recovery but, in this situation I am not sure if that would work with different sizes of the drives.


Has anybody else done a similar activity. Do you have any suggestions to go about replacing root disk with higher capacity drives? Any input from your end would be very much appreciated.




Jimmy Vance

Re: Swapping out Root Disk

If you swap in one of the larger disks and let it rebuild, then swap in the second larger disk, you can then use the array utilities to either create a new logical drive with the additional space, or extend the current logical drive to include the additional space.


During the drive rebuild the new disk will be created the same size as the old disk. When you have completed swapping out both disks in the array you will then have additional space you can use.


standard disclaimer: backup all the data before messing with a drive array



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Kennedy G. Doss
Regular Advisor

Re: Swapping out Root Disk

Thanks Jimmy. Good to know about this option.