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Switch to tty in hp ux

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Switch to tty in hp ux


While i was executing swcopy command wireless connection on my laptop got disconnected, after restoring network after 5 mints putty section i have to restart and after login how do I get into old tty.
# w
2:17pm up 98 days, 22:34, 5 users, load average: 0.01, 0.02, 0.02
User tty login@ idle JCPU PCPU what
root pts/0 9:20am 2:47 -sh
admin pts/1 2:07pm 8 24 24 swcopy -s /cdrom * @ /home/11iv3/update-depot
admin pts/2 2:10pm 6 -sh
admin pts/3 2:14pm 3 -sh
admin pts/4 2:15pm w

As shown above i was on pts/1 there we can see swcopy is running.
Now I am in pts/4.
Please advice me how to switch to pts/1 so that I will get swcopy output after execution.

Thamks & Regards
Frank de Vries
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Re: Switch to tty in hp ux


if you were using putty and not logged in through the console, and you didn't use nohup
to run swcopy command,

then my guess is that that session is not doing much anymore.

Best to kill it and start again.
This time use eiter

1)nohup swcopy -s /cdrom * @ /home/11iv3/update-depot &

2) login on the console port

good luck
Look before you leap

Re: Switch to tty in hp ux

No real reason to get the swcopy output. You might be able to look at the logs in /var/adm/sw/sw*.log
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Re: Switch to tty in hp ux

Do I need to kill that session?
Now that session is not present (pts/1).
I can see size of /home/11iv3/update-depot is increasing.
swcopy process is still running right.
do i need to run swcopy once agian or wait ?

sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: Switch to tty in hp ux

Hi Yash,

As you see that is incresing in size so perhaps the depot is getting copied.

So can wait for a while and see.


Re: Switch to tty in hp ux

>do i need to run swcopy once again or wait?

Do you know how long it takes? Are you close to the beginning or the end? :-)

You can use swlist to see what's there when it finishes. And swverify to make sure it is ok.