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Syslog SCSI Error

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Syslog SCSI Error

Reciving an error in our syslog, want to determine what error means. Would appreciate any help you could provide.

May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: SCSI: bp: 000000006121c800
May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: dev: cb030202
May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: cdb: 12 00 00 00 80 00
May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: retry_cnt: 5
May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: residual: 80
May 5 23:16:34 vmunix: status: (08) Busy
Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: Syslog SCSI Error

This is a SCSI error condition, probably due to a failing disk or the electronics in the disk.

>> vmunix: dev: cb030202

The device decode is as follows:

cb is hex 0xCB or 203. That is the driver number for the device. The command:

lsdev | grep 203

will find that this is the disk driver.

Next is the instance number for the interface, 03, the 3rd controller added to the kernel. Next is 0 for the disk address, followed by 2, the LUN number.

So the device is c3t0d2. The hardware address is:

lssf /dev/dsk/c3t0d2

To find the volume group with this device:

vgdisplay -v | grep -e PV.Name -e VG.Name

This lists each VG followed by the disks used in the VG.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin