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Re: Syslog: amgr Loaded AM WBEM provider

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Syslog: amgr Loaded AM WBEM provider

Every 20 minutes, all my HP-UX servers record to a central syslog server in the syslog.warn file the following message:

amgr[pid] Loaded AM WBEM provider A. Wed Apr 15 10:55:19 2009

How can I get this to stop being logged to syslog.warn, or stop amgr from even announcing that it loaded the WBEM provider as it is clearly not a "warning" type of message?
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Re: Syslog: amgr Loaded AM WBEM provider

This is the same symptom:

I wonder all of you have HP SIM server with either HP VSE 4.x or 6.x.
You may check /var/opt/amgr/logs/wbem.log to see which HP SIM
server accesses to the managed HP-UX server.

I feel HP Application Discovery Server installed on the HP SIM
server performs every 20 minutes polling.

What happens if amgrd is invoked as follows on the managed node ?

# /opt/amgr/bin/amgrd -server -debug

Please try it out !!