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System Management Homepage - Lost HP Provider Modules

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System Management Homepage - Lost HP Provider Modules


I recently installed System Fault Management along with all of its prereqs.  When I started up System Management Homepage I noticed that my network information was lacking.  After doing some GOOGLING, I was able to get all of my network information except for "properties".  In the place of my network properties I have the error "CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND: HPUX_EthernetPort. Due to this error, some data in this page might be missing.".


I executed the command "cimprovider -ls" and it returned


MODULE                     STATUS
OperatingSystemModule      OK
ComputerSystemModule       OK
ProcessModule              OK
IPProviderModule           OK
SDProviderModule           OK
IPModule                   OK
SFMProviderModule          OK
DNSProviderModule          OK
NTPProviderModule          OK
NISProviderModule          OK


You may have noticed that all of my HPUX provider information is gone (or was never there).  Being that this install is only a few days old, I'm guessing that it was never there.  Any idea how to get this loaded?




Here are the specifics of my install:


daebu99:/opt/sfm/conf# osinfo
OperatingSystem Information
  Host: daebu99
  Name: HP-UX
  Version: B.11.11
  UserLicense: Unlimited user license
  Number of Users: 4 users
  Number of Processes: 126 processes
  OSCapability: 64 bit
  LastBootTime: May 31, 2012  14:12:40 (00100)
  LocalDateTime: Jun 1, 2012  20:36:34 (00100)
  SystemUpTime: 109434 seconds = 1 day, 6 hrs, 23 mins, 54 secs


daebu99:/opt/sfm/conf# swlist| grep -i wbem
  WBEMSvcs                              A.02.07.06     HP WBEM Services for HP-UX
daebu99:/opt/sfm/conf# swlist| grep -i sysmgmt
  SysMgmtWeb                            A.    HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces
daebu99:/opt/sfm/conf# swlist| grep -i openssl
  OpenSSL                               A.00.09.08w.001 Secure Network Communications Protocol

daebu99:/opt/sfm/conf# swlist| grep -i sysfa
  SysFaultMgmt                          A.  HPUX 11.11 System Fault Management