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System Performance Terms

David Willams
Super Advisor

System Performance Terms

What does the following terms mean and are they interlinked... Also I would like to know the units of measurement, and how it affects the performance of a system ( High value/Low Value)

CPU Utilization
Peak Disk Utilization
Run Queue Length
Memory Page Out
Network Input Packet Rate
Network Output Packet Rate
Active Processes

Memory Utilization
User Memory Utilization
System & Cache Memory Utilization
Cache Hit Percent
Swap Out Rate
Page Out Rate
Page Scan Rate
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Re: System Performance Terms

Hi David,

All these are the terms in which System Performance are measured.
All Utilization are measured in terms % Util of it.
Depends upon ur thresould set, 90%-95% of CPU and Memory utilization are high value of Utilization.
U should check, whats issues behind this much util.

Hope this solves ur query
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Vishnu Khandare
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David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: System Performance Terms

I was looking for an explanation given below:

through which I can understand and also learn.

thank you