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System reboot

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System reboot

Hi Friends,

I have an concern on one of my HPUX Server. The server got rebooted due to panic.

The error which i have from MPConsole log is

The system is ready.

Tiger [HP Release B.11.23] (see /etc/issue)
Console Login: Calling function e00000000111e1e0 for Shutdown State 8 type 0x4

MCA[3]:MCA occurred!!!.
MCA[3]: lid 0x3000000
MCA[3]: iip 0xe00000000066b890, ipsr 0x1410086ae01a, ifa 0x6000000000399b68
MCA[3]: xip 0xc00000000b7e1930, xpsr 0x1013086ae01a, xfs 0x0
MCA[3]:The processor state register value = 0x08000000fff21330
MCA[3]:Rendezvous status information GR11 = 1
MCA[3]:mca_wakeup() procs MCA'ed 1, procs rendezvous'ed 3,
procs INIT'ed 0, procs not rendezvoused 0.
MCA, IIP:0xe00000000066b890 IFA:0x6000000000399b68

WARNING: Cache/Memory error is reported but OS_MCA could not exclude target address range from memory pages to be dumped.
Dump may abort due to additional MCA or DMA error.

*** A system crash has occurred. (See the above messages for details.)
*** The system is now preparing to dump physical memory to disk, for use
*** in debugging the crash.

*** Cannot dump with compression because there are too few processors
*** Dumping without compression
*** The dump will be a SELECTIVE dump: 3921 of 32739 megabytes.
*** To change this dump type, press any key within 10 seconds.
*** Proceeding with selective dump.

Primary Dump Header Location :
Device : /dev/rdsk/c2t0d0 offset: 1039220.
*** The dump may be aborted at any time by pressing ESC.
MCA[3]: OS_MCA ends. Resetting the system.B) (device /dev/dsk/c2t0d0 )
* ROM Version : 04.29
EFI version 1.10 [14.62]
EFI64 Running on Intel(R) Itanium Processor Family
EFI 1.10 IPF server rx4640 5.48 [Thu Nov 10 15:08:03 2005] firmware by HP
Loading 'SysROM:Floating-Point Software Assistance Handler'...
-- 'SysROM:Floating-Point Software Assistance Handler' returned Success
Loading 'SysROM:Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver'...

Copyright (c) 2000-2005 Broadcom Corporation
Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet EFI driver v7.0.10

-- 'SysROM:Broadcom Gigabit Ethernet Driver' returned Success
Loading 'SysROM:SCSI Bus Driver'...


Can anyone let me know the cause for the error.
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Re: System reboot

Log a case with HP Response Center.
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Re: System reboot

is there any other go or solution
Turgay Cavdar
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Re: System reboot

MCA (Machine Check Abort) generally means hardware problem. You should analyze crash data, if you have support open a case to HP.