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Tachyon TL adapter driver intermittent non-participating mode

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Tachyon TL adapter driver intermittent non-participating mode

Hi all,

I'm getting some odd results on two of my systems - the Tachyon TL Fibre Channel adapter's hardware path keeps throwing intermittent EMS alerts as follows:

lbolt value: 554
The Fibre Channel Driver has gone into non-participating mode
Frame Manager Status Register = 0xa002c480

I've checked the cable to make sure everything was securely attached (and as I understand it one of the other admins had swapped out the fiber cables previously) and done the loopback test as suggested, and have also had the adapters themselves replaced under maintenance, but the error is still occurring.

I found another thread about an OLAR switch problem, which led me to check the fcmsutil stat, and I found four errors with identical counts - 847 on one system, and over 1,000 on another system after about five days of uptime:

Error Idle Interrupts
ERQ/FCP Assists Resumed
SF failed due to ASN, LKF, or FTO

In a system where the driver was still down, the UNFREEZE count was one lower than the rest of them, which makes sense.

I'd appreciate any suggestions anyone has to offer. Thanks!
Rita C Workman
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Re: Tachyon TL adapter driver intermittent non-participating mode

For HPUX, see if maybe the following patch might help you on HPUX:

(yes there are dependencies for this patch)

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Re: Tachyon TL adapter driver intermittent non-participating mode

Thanks! It looks like the latest version of the FC-TACHYON-TL driver is 11.11.17, the PHSS_31326 patch provides 11.11.12, and my system's version is 11.11.09.

I found a problem description in the patch description which indicates that the error itself is spurious, since the status register indicates that it's initializing, but the fact that the driver keeps reinitializing is the underlying issue.

We should be able to go to at least 11.11.12 on these systems, so that should solve the problem. Thanks!