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Tape Can't see all Fileset

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Tape Can't see all Fileset

i have a GS 80 with SDLT 320. I do full backup on the same tape for two weeks before recircle it.

This is my Backup script
Vdump -0CNvf /dev/ntape/tape0 -D
When i want to restore i don't see the previous backup only the most recent one.
These are the command i apply.

mt -fsf 2 --- error fail I/0
How do i rewind the tape so i can't restore multiple fileset after another.
I also type mt - eof, so how do i reverse this command from the tape.

thanks in advance.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Tape Can't see all Fileset

Commands like this should work:

vdump -0uf /dev/ntape/tape0c /
vdump -0uf /dev/ntape/tape0c /usr

To access /usr data

Rewind tape:
mt -f /dev/ntape/tape0c rewind
Forward one file set:
mt -f /dev/ntape/tape0c fsf 1
List tape contents:
vrestore -tf /dev/ntape/tape0c
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