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Tape backup /dev/rmt/1m: No such device or address

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Tape backup /dev/rmt/1m: No such device or address

Hi, we have a backup set up to tape in the cron that runs every night, however when we did a software update back in July it stopped functioning. In the cron logs, we see /dev/rmt/1m: No such device or address. I believe we had our tape drive replaced in october and they tested and were able to dump a file onto the tape.


when i run an ioscan -funC tape I have the following listed.


Class     I  H/W Path     Driver S/W State   H/W Type     Description
tape      1  0/0/1/0.2.0  stape CLAIMED     DEVICE       QUANTUM DLT8000
                         /dev/rmt/1m            /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BEST
                         /dev/rmt/1mb           /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTb
                         /dev/rmt/1mn           /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTn
                         /dev/rmt/1mnb          /dev/rmt/c0t2d0BESTnb


How can I verify if /dev/rmt/1m is the correct spot or not?



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Re: Tape backup /dev/rmt/1m: No such device or address

If you run ioscan with the -u option, it tells you about the devices the kernel is prepared to handle, not the actual state of the hardware.  Try again without the -u option, i.e.:

# ioscan -fnC tape

 This command may take quite a bit longer than with the -u option. That is normal.