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Techia sftpg3

Occasional Visitor

Techia sftpg3

we are using tectia client 6.0.5 . all commands of sftpg3 are working..

sftpg3 -v --password=password user@ipaddress << EOF
sput /home/filename /home1/filename
rename /home1/filename /home1/file_name_something
quit EOF
In above script pwd is working and sput/rename are not working. do I need to take care something. pls let me know.
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Techia sftpg3

> [...] tectia client 6.0.5 [...]

Ask the vendor?

> all commands of sftpg3 are working..

Do you mean that they work interactively, but
not in your script?

> [...] are not working.

Not a useful problem description. What
happens? Error messages? Do other commands
work? Do these files/directories exist?

> [...] -v [...]

But you keep the diagnostic output a secret?
Occasional Visitor

Re: Techia sftpg3


when we run the commnands manually there is no issue; when we run as a script then sput or any command is not working.