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Time drift in HP UX servers

Horia Chirculescu
Honored Contributor

Re: Time drift in HP UX servers

>Does any specific port needed to be open in the firewall for communication between the different platforms for setting NTP?

Usually, firewalls are placed between the local network (organization's) and the exterior world.

Anyway, NTP uses UDP on port 123. So the firewall should pass traffic originated/to this port.

More info at official web site:

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Dan Bolton
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Re: Time drift in HP UX servers

Maybe Win Server 2008 uses true NTP, but our 2003 Server DCs used Windows_Time_Service by default (similar to, but _NOT_ NTP). If it does, you could just configure your HP servers as NTP clients pointed at the Win Servers, [shudder] but my experiance would cause concern about constancy.

The other option would be to make HP-UX your masters, syncing to the external servers of your choice, then configuring Windows boxes to sync to them with the attached NTP-client registry changes. The Windows boxes can still pass the correct time to PCs via Windows_Time_Service with no changes required on the clients.

Good Luck

p.s. My apologies for posting a Windows Registry hack in an HP-UX forum
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Jim Walls
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Re: Time drift in HP UX servers

Many modern routers and some switches offer ntp as a service. Ask your network engineer to check. Usually one (or better, two) of the routers/switches can be set up to keep time with external time services and then act as local time sources for the whole internal network. Once this is set up each internal server should be configured to use the local time sources. It is best to offer at least two independent sources so that if one goes down the other can be used. The ntp daemon decides which is the most accurate time source to use.
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Re: Time drift in HP UX servers

Our management insist to stick with the Windows 2008 server as the NTP server for the whole organization, I have configured it on all the HP-UX servers.

Thank you all for your help!