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To restart scxcimserver service

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To restart scxcimserver service

Hi Team,
I have SCOM application in wintel server for monitoring hpux server..Some of my unix server can't respond to scom application .Finaly i found that the service for scom is scxcimserver and its not listed current process list in my hp ux server.What is the procedure to restart the scxcimserver service in hpux..

Thanks in advance..
Viktor Balogh
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Re: To restart scxcimserver service

Hello Jay,

Normally it should be started at system restart by an init script. You should find the corresponding init script to these processes by issuing:

# grep -l scxcimserver /sbin/init.d/*

The output will be the name of the script. You should start it with the root user.

# su - root -c

Hope this helps,
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