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Top section hanging.

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Top section hanging.

Hi guru's

Server--HP rx3600

OS--HPUX 11.23

Frequent intervels if we are checking into server then we found that lot of TOP section is in sleep/hung mode.we are getting 20-25 sleep/hung section and due to this /var FS getting full. Once we kill all these section suddenly /var FS utilization getting reduced half of its utilization.

We are suspecting this is a patch issue.Can any one confirm this.

Re: Top section hanging.


If you get issue again.
Please check for the following.
1. any monitoring agent is running
2. any monitoring service is running
3. Check for the opened session.

Trim / cleanup the /var FS frequently.

Honored Contributor

Re: Top section hanging.

check with lsof software. it will give you the output which process or file is suspect for this.
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Re: Top section hanging.

Any reason you suspected that these hung process were using up /var space?
Or did you kill them and then figure it out?

As Ahsan said, lsof will tell you for sure.
What are the names of these processes? Who are their owners/parents?
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Re: Top section hanging.

Hi Guru's

Sorry for confusing..

The sleep/hung process are top command which we are using for checking cpu utilization.It may ownerd by root or oracle.

Re: Top section hanging.

>The sleep/hung process are top command which we are using for checking cpu utilization.

Then don't use top. Or only use one.
Though I'm not sure why top should generate large temp files?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Top section hanging.


I would think a patch is likely. Go for a recent bi-annual update and you will likely solve this problem.

However I think it more likely the system is hanging, not top due to /var being full. You don't want that file system full. You need to manage space better on that system and prevent that. Even money that if /var stays below 95% full, this problem will not happen.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: Top section hanging.

Thanks for the repply..Closing this thread.