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Total VG's and Total Size All (GB)

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Total VG's and Total Size All (GB)



I know, we use #vgdisplay command to find the volume group information. Can you please tell the command to display the 


1. Total Numbe of VG's and

2. Total size All 


Thanks in advance



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Re: Total VG's and Total Size All (GB)

There isnt really a single command, but you can use vgdisplay to get what you are looking for:


Total number of VG's:


# vgdisplay | grep "VG Name"| wc -l

 As far as total size, what are you looking for?

   -  Total allocated size?

   -  Total size used or available?


If you want total size you can use vgdisplay and grep out "Total PE".  Then you will need to know the PE size and then do the math.  Do this for each VG and again do the math.  This will get you the amount of space in MB used by the volume groups also accounting for any mirroring, etc.




(edited for poor wording on my part)


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Re: Total VG's and Total Size All (GB)

Thank you!