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Turn red Health Light green (Linux)

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Turn red Health Light green (Linux)


After a cooling issue, many of our DL360s overheated.

hpimlview shows there were numerous heating issues over a period, but they are ok now. I am left with a bunch of red health lights. If I power down a box & remove the power cables, then plug back in and power on, the light goes green again.

Is there any other way of turning the red light green (from within the OS for example) without having to power down?

Cheers in advance
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Re: Turn red Health Light green (Linux)

Unfortunately, the LEDs are controlled by the firmware of the components (system board). I don't think the firmware status can be changed from the Operating System.

As far as I know, you would have to reboot the server or reseat the component to have the red LED go away. However, you could try flashing or upgrading the firmware / System ROM for the servers. It may refresh the firmware status.

This can be done while the operating system is functional by using the Online ROM flash component. However, you would need to reboot the server for the new firmware to take effect anyway.

Hope this helps!
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Re: Turn red Health Light green (Linux)

Thanks for the info.

I was really hoping for some HP software tool to talk to the firmware though. Something similar to the iLO software you can install to talk/configure the iLO card (hprsm/hponcfg if memory serves)

Looks like I'll be scheduling downtime and whipping out power cables though ;)

Thanks again