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UEFI altered in a Boot from SAN scenario

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UEFI altered in a Boot from SAN scenario

I've tried to setup a BFS setup where I enter different boot paths to the OS disk behind an EVA.


The OS disk is replicated and I can alternatively boot 2 servers from this disk.


HP-UX Alternate Boot:                                 Device Path :
0/0/0/9/0/0/0/5/0/0/0.0x5001438011394d5d.0x400100000  PcieRoot(0x30304352)/
PPS EVA2, Con2, FabA                                 
PPS EVA2, Con2, FabB


When I boot HP-UX from one of the EVA OS-disk paths and I reboot the system, it will add some HP-UX boot paths (Alternate boot, etc.) to the UEFI boot menu.


This is not useful, since I already have some possible boot paths defined already and I don't want the UEFI boot menu to be altered (because of documentation purposes).


Any idea how to prevent HP-UX from altering the UEFI boot entries on the system?


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