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Ubuntu 9.10 and psp 8.32 problems

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Ubuntu 9.10 and psp 8.32 problems

I'm running Ubuntu 9.10 with psp or to be specific "HP Proliant Value Add Software 8.32-6-2" but having some problems and wondering if anyone as experienced this. I've updated the firmware but no effect.

1) i get false alerts on PSU failure, both fail at the same time but the server is up, checking iml there are no power events but the hp snmp/agent is firing off alerts a few times a day.

2) I cannot add hpsim certification, i log onto SMH, goto security and attempt to add the cert by typing in the server name, it pulls up the cert and raw data is ok but certificate info is blank and it fails to import.

Steven E. Protter
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Re: Ubuntu 9.10 and psp 8.32 problems


I am surprised you got any of PSP to install on Ubuntu.

Ubuntu is a community operating system that is as far as I know not supported at all by psp.

I would suggest only using psp on operating systems specifically listed on the support matrix for psp.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Modris Bremze
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Re: Ubuntu 9.10 and psp 8.32 problems

Debian/Ubuntu is not listed with supported OSes at , however, for example, is also available from HP, so Debian/Ubuntu is not exaclty without any support from HP regarding PSPs.

As for the issues - is the server running the latest system ROM and iLO firmware? If not - updating those could help with problem #1. As for problem #2 - you could heck . The list is short, but maybe your server model is mentioned. Some have reported some PSP components not working properly under Debian. It happens sometimes.
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Re: Ubuntu 9.10 and psp 8.32 problems

Thanks guys- i'll check the links.

The firmware has been updated in an attempt to fix problem 1. Here is what Iâ ve installed successfully on ubuntu 9.10;

You'll see its specifically for Ubuntu 9.10, maybe my wording was off, its a PSP but it does contain the hp foundation agents, smh etc.