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Ulimit - unlimited


Ulimit - unlimited

Hi Team ,


  i need to set unlimited value data & stack - kindly advice me how to set unlimited


Operating system : HP-UX 11.31

Memory - 32 GB


Current value


time(seconds)        unlimited

file(blocks)         unlimited

data(kbytes)         4194300

stack(kbytes)        262144

memory(kbytes)       unlimited

coredump(blocks)     4194303



Re: ulimit - unlimited

You can't.  The size of the data and stack is limited to the corresponding kernel parms, maxdsiz and maxssiz.

Your maxdsiz is at the maximum.  maxssiz is reasonable.

If your 32 bit application needs more space, you can link with -N to get 2 Gb.


Of course, the *_64bit versions of those parms can be made much bigger.