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Unable to change password

Raynald Boucher
Super Advisor

Unable to change password

Hello all,

A really weird thing happenned this morning.
One of my users loged on the the system normally using his password. He then attempted to change his password using the "passwd" command. He entered his current password after the prompt and received "Sorry." for a response.
This was the same password that he had just logged on with.

I solved the problem using "passwd -df" but I'm really curious as to what actually happened. The system is not "trusted" and the SAM password policies are not enabled.

Any ideas?

Esteemed Contributor

Re: Unable to change password

What does:
# passwd -s USERNAME
Raynald Boucher
Super Advisor

Re: Unable to change password

The user has since changed his password so the output is:

PS 06/17/09 0 60 14