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Unable to detect DLT tape drive

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Unable to detect DLT tape drive


I have connected the external DLT tape drive to server 9000/800/L2000 server but it is not detected, I have tried

# insf -e
# ioscan -fnC disk

But still i can not see the HW path.

(2) # kmsystem -q stape
No o/p

I believe stape driver not configured in to kernel

(3) I'd check the
Kernel Configuration
Kernel Configuration (character mode)

Status of " stape” is "unsed " for current state and planned state. i believe i have to modify in to " static"

(4) Apart from this do we have to configure "autoloader ( schgr ) , tape2 driver or any additional driver into kernel to detect the DLT tape drive.

(5) So is it going to build a new kernel after rebooting the server.

(6) Please correct me if i am going wrong somewhere and also let me know

what i should follow or should take care before configuring driver into kernel apart from full system backup ( because we do not having ignite backup and no mirroring so if something go wrong with kernel then it will be really a major outage for server )

Or is there any other reason due to which DLT drive not getting detected.

Need your valuable inputs.

Thank you kindly.

Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive


If you have other port then try with that port as well if problem still there then try with other cable.

Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive

well, what kind of DLT drive is it, as in DLT-3 or DLT-4 (sometimes referred to as 7000 or 8000).

Is is in a library, autoloader, or a single drive?

yes, you need to get stape in the kernel. the schr driver is needed if its in a library / autoloader, but not for a stand-alone external drive.

also, you need to be sure the drive you have supports the interface(s) you have available. If I recall, the L2000 usually had LVDS Scsi.

Actual make / model of tape drive might be of use?

Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive


you're right about stape. HP stopped using it as a default kernel parameter since 4mm tape drives are no longer standard issue.

Just add it in through SAM as you've pointed out.

Re: 5) well yes, anytime you change a kernel parameter you get a new kernel. SAM will save the old kernel. Just be careful about how many new kernels you build. If you build more than one, like two, then you'll have to save your oldest kernel yourself. This will have to be /stand/vmunix and vmunix.prev.

Forget everything else.
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Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive

>> ioscan -fnC disk

This tells ioscan to look for a disk. You added a tape drive.


ioscan -fnC tape
Andrew Rutter
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive


you need the stape driver and i would also make sure the tape2 driver is in there too.

these will require a reboot to build the new kernel.

it looks like you are using 11.23(v2)?

if so check the interface and the DLT drive. there were se scsi drives and HVD drives.

HVD is not supported on 11.23 and above. If you have connected to this type of interface in server it wont work at all likewise if it is a FWD drive?

What is the drive you are installing, but as pointed out not ioscan disk? ioscan tape, but this wont see a device that it does not recognize.

try just a full ioscan


you may find you have an unknown device? this will be the tape drive. If so just add the stape/tape2 to the kernel and a reboot should be working

Hakki Aydin Ucar
Honored Contributor

Re: Unable to detect DLT tape drive

I want to share very simple problem but prolonged to solve for me:

Cross check the scsi plugs between server and tape driver, to see if ant bended pin !

I faced this one.