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Unable to finish the hpsmh-tomcat installation.

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Unable to finish the hpsmh-tomcat installation.

i have installed hpsmh and hpsmh-tomcat-1.0-11.linux package also.
After installing hpsmh-tomcat-1.0-11.linux.rpm got a message to finish the installation by running /opt/hp/hpsmh/tomcat/bin/tomcat_cfg script file.
But while running this throws an error saying that
chown: cannot access `/opt/hp/hpsmh/tomcat/keystore': No such file or directory
chgrp: cannot access `/opt/hp/hpsmh/tomcat/keystore': No such file or directory
chmod: cannot access `/opt/hp/hpsmh/tomcat/keystore': No such file or directory.

Before running the script keystore file was present and file was empty.

Any thoughts?
Tim Nelson
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Re: Unable to finish the hpsmh-tomcat installation.

Might wish to post this in the Linux forum to get more responses.
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Re: Unable to finish the hpsmh-tomcat installation.

Which Linux Operating System (Distribution) are you using?

If the files is actually present, then possibly user permissions are preventing the chown, chgrp & chmod operations on that file.

Re: Unable to finish the hpsmh-tomcat installation.

I was facing the same problem. After looking into it, I found out that tomcat_cfg relies on a complete Java package. That's why it asks you the path for the java executable in fact.
In my case, by default, it was pointing at /usr/bin/java. Since the file was existing and looking good, I thought it was Ok so I pressed ENTER and then got your error. But in fact /usr/bin/java was a link to something else, not a complete JRE distribution. The problem is that tomcat_cfg does not only invokes the java executable, but also various other Java tools such as "keytool", which tomcat_cfg expects to find in the directory you specified, in my case /usr/bin/java.
Since it's not a regular distribution, keytool and the other Java tools were absent. Because of this, the key generation process that creates your "keystore" file could not work properly. It doesn't create it at all, and so the errors you got...
To fix your problem, you have to install or indicate the path to a real Java distribution on your server. That's what I did and the errors disapeared!

But then my problems weren't over! The tomcat_cfg script contains a trap for non-English countries. If your LANG variable is pointing at a on-English langage (French in my case), then tomcat_cfg will enter an endless loop because the 'yes' process, that is piped to keytool in the script in order to provide it dummy parameters only answers "y" messages whatever the LANG settings you have. Since my LANG was set to FRENCH, keytool was expecting an "o" (for "oui") to close the keytool dialog. Since 'yes' was only saying "y", keytool was considering it an "n", and therefore was entering another sequence of parameters definition, which was again terminated by an "y" that was interpreted as an "n", etc, etc...

So, to summarize, you have to :
- Indicate the path of a real Java distribution to tomcat_cfg so that it finds out the required extra tools
- Set your LANG to C before invoking tomcat_cfg.

Hope this helps!

Best regards,