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Upgrade hpux - 11.11v to 11.23v

Occasional Contributor

Upgrade hpux - 11.11v to 11.23v

Hi all,


   I need to upgrade my OS from 11.11v to 11.23v,please let me know what are the precaution needs to be taken and provide me a good Doc as well


Thanks in Adv....


Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Upgrade HP-UX - 11.11 to 11.23

Any reason you don't go all the way to 11.31 by cold install?

Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrade hpux - 11.11v to 11.23v

Hello Prajul, 

To upgrade 11.11 to 11.23  you have to decide what method of upgrade you are planning for,  update-ux or Cold Install Method. 


Depending on your system need and downtime planning, you can choose either methods.

- For cold install you have to freshly install all other application , 3rd party software, binaries etc. Also you have to create users, groups, configuration files , settings .


- For update-ux install , you have to less touch on the configuraion and software installation part & can be safe, if having less downtime window. 


- Also you need to check pre-reqisites & compatibility options for all the componenets attached to the server, along with server firmware compatibility & support matrix. Check Storage support matrix. To check vg00 filesystem free space if using update-ux . 



check out the below document: in gogle for upgrade tasks, :  
 - HP-UX 11i v3 Installation and Update Guide   

- update-ux(1M)  


- Also make sure all the backups are in place before starting: 


A: Ignite Tape Backup / Ignite Net backup.

B: Configuration Files Backup.

C: tar backup of important vg00 FS ( Like /etc /opt /home ..) 

D: if database running: have cold backup of database.

F; All OS nonVG00 & Fs backup. 


- if you describe your scenario ,  more info can be provided. 



Raj D.



Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrade hpux - 11.11v to 11.23v

Thnaks for all of your Suggestion....

Valued Contributor

Re: Upgrade hpux - 11.11v to 11.23v


If resolved please assign points and close the thread.


Enjoy, Have Fun!.

Raj D.