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Upgrade kernel

I hv just upgrade the RH 3 kernel by installing the kernel-xxx binary file , but when reboot to the new kernel , it pop the below messages , it is strange that it is normal when i doing the same thing to another server ( of course they are different hardware ) , could suggest what is the problem ? thx

Error : /bin/insmod exited abnormally
loading aaraid.o module

Redhat/Adaptec aaraid driver
/lib/aacraid.o: init_module:
hint : insmod errors can be caused by incorrect module parameter including invaild io or irq parameters .

loading aic7xxx.o module
/lib/aic8xxx.o init_module:

jdb.o module
ext3.o module

mounting /proc filesystem

creating block devices
VFS: cannot open root device "LABEL:/" or

Please append a correct "root=" boot option
Kernel panic VFS: Unable to mount root
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Re: Upgrade kernel

Your insmod may need updating (the one used by initrd). As you can see, it was unable to load even the first module necessary to eventually access your root file-system.

The new kernel has QUERY_MODULES removed (don't ask why, normally there would be some kind of compatibility-overlap). So, your
older `insmod` or `insmod.static` is trying to use the old-method of loading modules.

You may not be able to recover easily. I found that I needed to rebuild the kernel with the necessary SCSI drivers in the
kernel. This would allow me to boot and mount a root file-system.

Save the previous kernel ".config" file. You must rebuild with the 'loop' device in the kernel as well (or else you can't make a new initrd RAM disk).

Then you can install the new modutils package.

Then you can change back to the previous configuration with `make clean ; make oldconfig`....etc. Rebuild the kernel,
install and boot happy.
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Re: Upgrade kernel

what do you have into /etc/modules.conf and what RHEL3 update you install?

Re: Upgrade kernel

thx Mugilvannan ,

do you mean I need to add the SCSI driver to the new kernel ?

thx Vitaly Karasik ,

I didn't run up2date to the server .
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Re: Upgrade kernel

can you post /etc/modules.conf?

Re: Upgrade kernel

alias usb-controller1 ehci-hcd
alias char-major-188 off
alias scsi_hostadapter2 aic7xxx
alias char-major-14 off
alias block-major-20 off
alias scsi_hostadapter1 aacraid
alias scsi_hostadapter megaraid2
alias eth0 e1000
alias eth1 e1000
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Re: Upgrade kernel


you could try to append the root= as it says in the diag output and specify the full pathname to the disk /dev/sda1 or if its on cciss /dev/cciss/ccissxxxx,etc..

that may be enough for it to boot, or if you have a recovery floppy boot up to that and then
remount the filesystem as it will be readonly by default, and make the changes to the modules.conf file, then reboot