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Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11

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Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11

Hi people,
We're planning to upgrade some servers running hpux 11.00 to 11.11

My concerns are what to look for before I upgrade. I mean, if I've sufficient memory, free space on my local drives, etc.

The only way to do this is with cd/dvd media right?

Almost all servers are n4000.

Thanks for your time.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11


Cold-install; do not upgrade.

Read the 11.11 installation document.

Capture your 11.0 configuration files beforehand for comparison and reference to your 11.11 ones after the cold-install.


Use the Operating Enterprise media you have and then follow the latest patches for 11.11:|bundle|releaseIndexPage|&releaseId=0806-11.11


Glenn S. Davidson
Trusted Contributor

Re: Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11

Everytime I've ever tried to upgrade any operating system I've had more problems trying to get it working again than if I had just installed it from scratch. Most of the time I end up reinstalling from scratch anyway.

It's a pain, I know. It requires alot more preparation but if your server is documented properly it will be alot better for you in the long run.
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Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11


Don't go for upgrade, better take 2 copy of full system backup means Ignite and all FS backup then go for new installation after installation is over then restore every thing except vg00.


Re: Upgrading from 11.00 to 11.11

Thanks for help guys, we took full backup, cold-install and then we restored app fs.