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Use of Configuration files

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Use of Configuration files




Hi Experts


what iis the use of below said files in HP_UX.Please explain in details.


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Re: Use of Configuration files

 /etc/default/security -  security defaults configuration file


To restrict user login attempts in hp-ux can be defined with attributes in /etc/default/security file. 

For more information, refer the man page of security


/etc/securetty - the purpose of the /etc/securetty file is to specify where root can log in. For example if you have "console" mentioned in "/etc/securetty", then only server console login is enabled for root user.

If the file /etc/securetty exists as an empty file, root logins will be rejected regardless of whether the correct password is used. 





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Re: Use of Configuration files

/etc/restrictlogin does not exist in default HP-UX installations (at least in versions HP-UX 11.00 ... 11.31). It is not a standard part of a HP-UX system.


It might be a local customization. For example, a sysadmin might have configured some extra checks in system-wide login scripts (/etc/profile, /etc/csh.cshrc and/or /etc/csh.login) and the file might contain some information to be used with the custom checks.