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Steven Zhang_1
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User Account "+" in SAM


My server running HP-UX 11.11, in "Accounts for Users and Groups" in SAM, under "Login Name" column my server shows a "+" as an individal user login name. If I select it, then go to "Actions", I don't have options like Modify, Remove, Deactivate, etc. I do have these options if I select a normal user account or system account.

In "Group Name" I also have this entry. I don't know what are they, and I am sure I didn't add them in. If I delete them, will it cause problem to the server?

In /etc/passwd, I have an entry "+::-2:-2::/:", in /etc/group I have an entry "+:::".

However if I execute "logins" I don't get this "+" account.

Please help, thanks!
Ralf Buchhold
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Re: User Account "+" in SAM

Hello Steven
i looks like an entry for users
in a NIS domain.
Like: "all other not found users in the password files are looked up in the NIS
password file to login"
Sorry for my bad english.