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User activiity in Power Broker logs

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User activiity in Power Broker logs


We need to find out which user has made changes to some cron jobs.

We use power-broker to become privilege user.
I am suspecting power-broker might have recorded the user activities.

I do not have power-broker log access.
Can someone confirm that power-broker records user activities ?

Mel Burslan
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Re: User activiity in Power Broker logs

Powerbroker is highly configurable and if it logs user activity or not, is upto the person who manages it. If the only utility expected from it, is to be a traffic cop for privileged access and no one cares about logging those users' activities, they may have chosen not to log activities. But considering people invest thousands of dollars to owerbroker so that they can be compliant with SOX, PCI and whatever else audit schemes are out there today, they had better be logging user activity. So, your chances of finding user activity logs are very high, although it is not 100%. Talk to the PB admin. You do not have anything to lose.
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Re: User activiity in Power Broker logs

one of the things PowerBroker *can* do is complete logging of input/output for an entire session. What it *does* do is up to how it is configured at your site.

As noted the PB administrator (or whoever is designated to provide reports) should be able to help you out.