Using DrD to patch servers

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Marlou Everson
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Re: Using DrD to patch servers

I have used DRD but only in the classic sense of creating a backup first before patching. Since the system was still only in test, I created the clone (instead of creating an Ignite tape), then I patched the original and rebooted from it.

The DRD clone did save me in one instance. I rebooted the system and somehow the boot loader and AUTO were not present in the EFI partition on the original disk and the system would not boot. It took a while to figure out since I am not that familiar with booting Integrity systems (when they don't work!). When I called HP they did not know what DRD was. They wanted me to do recovery stuff and I'm saying I've got a DRD clone to boot from if I can just figure out how to get to it. I did finally boot from the clone and was back up and working. Then someone from HP who knew DRD told me how to fix the original DRD disk so both the clone and original were back in working order.

Bottom line: Booting from the clone was much faster than recovering from an Ignite tape or archive.

Ignite is a great product too. I would hate to not have it in my tool bag.