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Using NIS with quotas.

Jeff Cleverley
Occasional Advisor

Using NIS with quotas.


We have some hpux 11.11 nfs servers that we do not let users log into directly. We do have several nfs file systems with home directories in them. Once in a while a user process runs away and starts filling up the file system. We've traditionally used the "du -sk * |sort -n" route. Unfortunately this takes almost an hour on one of the file systems.

I wanted to look into setting up quotas but the edquota command fails due to what seems to be a missing local password entry. The output of the local "ll" command shows the user name and not ID because it finds them via NIS. Is there a way to get quotas to use NIS?

If we have to dummy up local entries for each user, we were going to star out their passwords. Will this cause any problems for quotas due to an invalid password?

I have found the quot command which runs the same file system in 15 minutes. I'm just hoping the repquota command would return even faster than that.