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Using frecover overwrite entire directory.

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Using frecover overwrite entire directory.

I have a requirement. I have to overwrite entire directory from the backup taken by fbackup.

For ex :- I have a path /home/oracle/ under that i have 10 files when i had taken the back up. By the time restoring the directory one more file is added into the above path /home/oracle.
When i restore using frecover using -o option i could overwrite all 10 files and the 11th file is still there in the path with out deleted. How can i achieve this using frecover ? Can any one through some light ???? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Using frecover overwrite entire directory.

Well, "recovering" is a misnomer, of sorts. It's not a recovery you're doing, you're just restoring files from tape. Naturally, when you restore the files and overwrite them, all files that are already there in place will still be there.

Why not just delete all the files in the directory before the restore?
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