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Utild swapping

Pavel Krumnikl
Occasional Contributor

Utild swapping

On my server I can see that the UTILD is using around 1GB of swap. I do consider this as ver unusual. Do you have any opinion?
I am adding kmeminf -user output:

# ./kmeminfo -user
tool: kmeminfo 8.00 - libp4 9.306 - HP CONFIDENTIAL
unix: /stand/vmunix 11.11 64bit PA2.0 on host "omg2"
core: /dev/kmem live
link: Thu Jul 2 12:49:22 SAT 2009
boot: Mon Oct 5 15:42:58 2009
time: Thu Jan 7 10:07:25 2010
nbpg: 4096 bytes

Summary of processes memory usage:

List sorted by physical size, in pages/bytes:

virtual physical swap
pid ppid pages / bytes pages / bytes pages / bytes command
1797 1 175599 685.9m 78369 306.1m 261551 1021.7m utild




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Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: utild swapping

See the following topic: