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VG Management

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Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

VG Management

Hey guys.

Here's what we have:

rx7640 with 2 extra volume groups,

1. vgoracle
2. vgo

Both mounted to directories, /u01 and /u02

We are implementing a SAN storage scenario. I want to copy all all of the contents out. I'm going to create a new vg, let's call it oraclevg, and mount two filesystems, /u03 and /u04. Copy the contents of /u01, and /u02 respectively, and remove the original vg's. Can I rename the directories /u03 and /u04 to /u01 and /u02 after this is done? I'm fearing doing this as they are mount-points.

Hope this is clear.

Thanks in adavance,

Should have been an astronaut.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: VG Management


After you copy all of the content from /u01 + /u02 to /u03 + /u04 , then just umount all 4 mount points (u01-u04) , mount the new LVs from oraclevg to u01+u02 and check everything is working fine as before. Why would you want to rename the directories? If you have doubts, then you have no problem reverting back to your LVs in vgoracle + vgo.
Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: VG Management

That's a GREAT idea. Sometimes I can't see the trees for the forest.

Thank you so much!!

Should have been an astronaut.