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VPAR boot error

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VPAR boot error


Hi All,

Please help me out in below issue in creating vPar.

We have one nPar in which we have to create 2 vPars, out of which first vPar is already created and it is running well which have local disk as a boot device.Now we have to create 2nd vPar which need to use SAN disk for booting. Now the issue is, vPar is created and when we try to install OS by booting it through first vPar,
vparboot -p -I
It will start the configuration and after completing archive load of source successfully. it will boot automatically (by giving message: rebooting as expected) and thereafter it will fail by giving out below message:

HP-UX Boot Loader for IPF -- Revision 2.029
Error: kernel does not contain required vPars components.
vPar "vpar2" failed to load the kernel for either trying to boot an unsupported kernel in vPars environment or having incorrect vPars software installed on the boot device.
Error loading "vpar2". Shutting down "vpar2"...
[MON] vpar2 has halted.

Appriciate your help to resolve the issue.

Abid Iqbal
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Re: VPAR boot error

OS: ver: OE: ?
vPar version?
stroage model?
Turgay Cavdar
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Re: VPAR boot error

When installing the vpar2, did you also install vpar software?
Abid Iqbal
Regular Advisor

Re: VPAR boot error

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Re: VPAR boot error

If you trying the load OS with DVD, it won't support except SD2 superdome.
You can either do this:
1. Install OS in npar mode on the second vpar's boot disk; install the vpar s/w.
2. Create 2 vpars from the same npar.
3. Boot all vpars.