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VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A

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VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A

Hi Masters,

I got confused in one situation. Like i have two VPARS in my NPAR. but when i press ctrl A, it shows me the following ouput:-





i mean to say it shows me MON as a vpar and three VPARs showed up. When i release ctrl+A on [MON], it gave me MON> prompt.

i immediately opened another NPAR and i have four VPARs in that NPAR. i started pressing ctrl+A, but it gave me normal screen of all VPARS as it is, no [MON].

Please clear my confusion on it that
1. why [MON] is coming, if i dont have any third vpar defined?
2. If it is coming, then why it is not coming for all other NPARs?

Don Morris_1
Honored Contributor

Re: VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A

MON isn't a vPar - it is the vPar Monitor. You can use it to launch vPars, TOC/RS a problematic vPar, etc.

You can switch to the monitor as long as there's an unassigned cpu resource in the nPar (the monitor borrows/runs on that cpu). Hence when you started all the vPars in the _other_ nPar, you presumably had all cpus assigned and couldn't switch to the monitor.

All this is doubtlessly explained in more detail in the vPar Administrator's Guide.
Raj D.
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Re: VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A


Ctrl + A is used to switch between different vpar window.

> 2. If it is coming, then why it is not coming for all other NPARs?
Ctrl+A works when virtual partition softwware is installed and active. You other npar may not have vpar configured on it.

To see how many vpar you have , you have to use # vparstatus

For details:
# vparstatus -v


* Finaly make sure to assign points to those who tried to help on your threads.

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Re: VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A

Thanks it somewhat clears to me from your reply that why the [MON] is coming while pressing ctrl+A to switch between VPARs.

@Raj, I think you did not get my question clearly. I have my VPAR properly configured in my second NPAR also. i think i need to paste its output to explain you better. Don get my point.
My only concern was why i am getting [MON] in a particular NPAR while switching with ctrl+A, as for other NPARs, it is not coming.

and regarding assigning points, that may be when i was just the new joinee of this forum site, due to unawareness of this system. but you can see i have assigned points to all my question after that and really appreciate the help and the valuable time put in by the Genius of HP-UX.

Anyways, thanks for reminding this.

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Re: VPMON coming while pressing ctrl+A

This is what the manual says:

"Toggling Past the vPars Monitor Prompt (A.03.xx only)

When the monarch CPU of the
server is not assigned to any partition, you will see the vPars Monitor prompt. Press Ctrl-A
to cycle to the console window of the next partition."


"A.04.xx and A.05.xx:

When any CPU is available, you will see the MON> prompt."

But you should do any management action from a running vPar.

Hope this helps!

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