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VSE - is this the right tool?

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antonio elder prado
Regular Advisor

VSE - is this the right tool?

i need to have a machine with several OSes and versions installed, as well as to be able to do snapshots for recreation of the virtual machines.
I am purchasing a rx2660 and would like to install HPUX-11.31 and purchase the VSE licensing. However, i want to make sure that:
1. with VSE i can partition the hostname machine (that will have HPUX ) into other machines with other version of hpux, windows, redhat and if possible ovms 8.x.
the need to get snapshots to recreate a virtual machine is also a requirement.
thank you all for your answers on this,
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: VSE - is this the right tool?


We may be talking about the same thing, but HPVM, HP Virutal Machine runs on HP-UX and lets you run hpux, windows and red hat, 64 bit versions only.

If VSE is HPVM, yes right tool. If not, take a look at HPVM.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
antonio elder prado
Regular Advisor

Re: VSE - is this the right tool?

hi Steven,
thank you for your reply. So, i guess if using HPVM (HP virtual machines)i will be able to create virtual machines (in the same way as ESX or VMware, etc) with hpux, linux, windows but not OVMS.
I have an ikd rx2600 that allows me to run even ovms, but i need to boot on each separate disk.
So, i guess VSE - the virtual server enviroment is some capability of the OS, and HPVM is the actual virtualization engine.
Do you agree that when i am ordering the machine, i should order with HPVM (license,tool, etc)and not the VSE because it is part of the OS already?
hey Steven, i appreciate your time and knowledge,
thank you,
antonio elder prado
Regular Advisor

Re: VSE - is this the right tool?

hummm, little more information that i received.
and please correct me when i am wrong.
vse is a tool that allows one machine to manage, monitor, create, stop/start, etc, virtual machines in several other hosts. It would be something like an ITO (i don'teven know the name now) where you have a control of several hosts, but the VSE allows you to control virtual machines.

hpvm is a tool that is per host, and allows you only to manage, monitor, etc. virtual machine within the host that has hpvm.

in logical sense, it would be better to have vse so you can have a tool to monitor several vms from one place.

do you know if with vse, i am still capable of snapshots?

thank you all,