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Verifying an External DLT-8000

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Verifying an External DLT-8000

Hi, this is the system in question:
---> unix 10.20 - K570
I need your help, i have installed the External DLT-8000.
I need to know how to verify it from operating system.
What commands can i use to know its characteristics and to verify if i can use it to make backups.

Thanks in advance.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Verifying an External DLT-8000

Hi Manuales:

What commands? How about the ones _YOU_ use for _YOUR_ backups?

With 10.20 long, long out-of-support you might find that newer hardware has no support either. I might expect 'fbackup' to _not_ work at all, for instance.


Pete Randall
Outstanding Contributor

Re: Verifying an External DLT-8000

Start with ioscan to make sure it's recognized and to find the device file. Then use simple mt commands just to make sure you can communicate with (put in a tape and enter "mt -f your_device_file rew" to rewind the tape). If that works, simply tar something to it or just run your backup.


Honored Contributor

Re: Verifying an External DLT-8000

Make sure the module stape (or possibly tape2) is in the kernel.

I don't recall, but it seem DLT-IV support may not have been available at 10.20 (althought I, II and possibly III *might* have been).

If the drivers are there (or after you add them) either reboot or run an ioscan to get the device file created and see which driver gets attached.

then, as noted, try tar or whatever...

Note: it might be that tar will work with this OS / drive combination, but fbackup fails. If so, you'll probably just have to live with it. I know that the DLT-IV (dlt-8000) was fully supported at 11.0, but I never used DLTs of any kind on 10.20.