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Vpar deletion in rx 8640 @hpunix 11iv3

Occasional Contributor

Vpar deletion in rx 8640 @hpunix 11iv3

Dear Seniors ,

we have a rx 8640 integrity server, in that we loaded hpux 11iv3 and also we created 4 vaprs also, now i want to delete all the vaprs and reinitialized server once again , for that process what i have to do , pls give me route

melvyn burnard
Honored Contributor

Re: Vpar deletion in rx 8640 @hpunix 11iv3

do you just wanrt to run th ecomplex as an Npar?

If so, halt the 3 vpars taht are NOT using th eprimary boot disk listed in the EFI completely, vparremove them, then use vparenv to modify the reboot mode of the complex, change the AUTO file to show boot vmunix and not boot vpmon -a
reboot your server.
Of course you could simply shutdown the whole thing and reboot to installation media and simply reinstall 11.31 without Vpars
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