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Vxfs layout 4 vs layout

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Vxfs layout 4 vs layout


I have situation where oracle Database is being migrated to Integrity from PA-RISC (i.e 11iv1 to 11iv3).
Since the vdisks are present in SAN storage, I could unpresent to 11iv1 and present the same disks to 11iv3 as well. I am able to import the VG and access the data.
My question is do I need to upgrade this VXFS file system layout to 6? Currently it's 4. Is there advantage of this upgrade (other than the support of larger file system which I don't need)? If there is a performance advantage I would go for it.

Any suggestions?

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James R. Ferguson
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Re: Vxfs layout 4 vs layout


The minimum filesystem layout version supported is layout version 4. While you may not need some of the features in the latest version (7) I would upgrade once you have stablized on your 11.31 Integrity platform for any performance benefits as well as future filesystem support.