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WBEM account

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Tom Ward_1
Honored Contributor

WBEM account

Can the wbem account on HPUX hosts be locked without breaking SIM phone home to HP?

Also is something up with searching the forums? I can't seem to get any search results when using the search field on the forums page, but google still finds some results.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: WBEM account


try using the google option to search the forums.

Generally this provides better results than the internal search engine.

I suggest locking the wbem account on a test server and checking.

What version of SIM are you running?


Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Tom Ward_1
Honored Contributor

Re: WBEM account

The SIM server is version C., updated a few months back. But that is a Windows server.
Tom Ward_1
Honored Contributor

Re: WBEM account

Regarding searching ITRC I get nothing when searching the forums from the search field on the forums page. I was just wondering if my account was restricted some how in the forums or if this is common to everyone.

Google is the best, but I figure the HP search function should yield something. It used to work even better than Google.

Michael Leu
Honored Contributor

Re: WBEM account

You mean 'passwd -l ' on the account that was given permissions with 'cimauth -a -u -n -R -W' ?

I just tried this on a test system. Locked the account and then used 'sfmconfig -t -a'. Events were received and Service Incidents generated, so I think phone home to HP works.

What does NOT work is the WBEM properties page in SIM, it gives this error:
Cannot connect to target system using WBEM.

Cause: Some possible causes: 1) The user/password has been
changed in the CIMOM, and the new values are not among
those entered into HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM); 2)
The CIMOM has been configured to require a client
certificate that matches one in its trust store, and it is
no longer there.

Resolution: WBEM credentials may be incorrect: 1) Enter
the new credentials either for the specific device, or
into the general list, in HP SIM; 2) Import the HP SIM
certificate into the trust store of the CIMOM, using the
appropriate tool provided by that CIMOM.
I guess that means health status and data collection would not work anymore.
Tom Ward_1
Honored Contributor

Re: WBEM account

thread has the answer. Thanks.