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WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE configure script failed

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WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE configure script failed



I'm trying to solve cimserver startup error as described in HP-UX 11.31 - cimserver Startup Seems to Fail with Error "PGS00415: SSL exception: PGS09207: Cannot get server certificate.", but when I issue


swconfig -x reconfigure=true -x autoselect_dependencies=false WBEMSvcs


I get an error message:


ERROR:   "hostname:/":  1 configure or unconfigure scripts failed.
       * The execution phase failed for "hostname:/".
       * Execution had errors.
ERROR:   More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
         command "swjob -a log hostname-0026 @ hostname:/".


When I issue swjob -a log hostname-0026 @ hostname:/ I get the following erros


ERROR:   Failed to start cimserver
         for loading of mof files.
ERROR:   The "configure" script for "WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE" failed
         (exit code "1"). The script location was
       * This script had errors and the execution of this fileset
         cannot proceed until the problem is fixed.  Check the above
         output from the script for further details.

       * Summary of Execution Phase:
ERROR:       Installed     WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE,l=/,r=A.02.09.06
ERROR:   1 of 5 filesets had Errors.
       * 4 of 5 filesets had no Errors or Warnings.
ERROR:   The Execution Phase had errors.  See the above output for


configure script logs execution in /var/opt/wbem/install.log and this file contains the following messages:


ed Sep 7 11:35:43 MDT 2011
PGS10033: The CIM Server is not started: PGS00415: SSL exception: PGS09207: Cannot get server certificate.


I.e. when I try to solve cimserver start error I come up to the same error... Could anyone suggest something I can try?..


Thanks in advance

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Re: WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE configure script failed

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Re: WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE configure script failed

Thanks for the reply!


Unfortunately, It didn't help, I set correct permissions, but the installation still reports the same error messages

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Re: WBEMServices.WBEM-CORE configure script failed

I've just found out the solution - wbemassist checked everything and offered to change underlying directories permissions. Then WBEMservices were reinstalled successfully